Music.Defined: Sound of Summer 2018 (House of Blues) show review

Lynnea Malley just joined Hiber back in March, but she’s wasted no time putting her own stamp on the band’s songs. A songwriter herself, the interpretations of Danny Surico’s lyrics as she performs them are vastly different from the Hiber of the past. Once reliant on chill vibes and solid song craft, the added wrinkle of a spitfire lead singer has sparked the group to another level.

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SXSW 2016

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Thursday Essay & Photos | SXSW 2016

At SXSW, you can find talent on nearly every street corner, rooftop and alleyway. So there are advantages to only having a loose plan. With every step, there is an exchange — the smell of BBQ coming from a block of food trucks, promoters hollering, “Free show tonight!” and handing out fliers for unofficial showcases, bartenders yelling, “Two dollar shots!”

You may have an idea of where you’re going, but it’s always a journey to get there.

It’s nearly impossible to walk from one venue to the next without stopping in your tracks. Listening to beatboxing from a portable PA system, or dancing in the middle of the street to the booms and clanks of a makeshift bucket drum kit suddenly seem more important, and you’ve already forgotten where you were headed…

-Hear Nebraska